Inspired by the Mason jar and the concept of preserving quality, we have curated a line of grooming products intended for a diverse range of hairstyles. From the timeless looks of the 1920’s to the modern styles of today, our goal at Mason’s Pomade is to provide products rooted in quality and worthy of preservation. In keeping with the spirit of innovation and the American dream, Mason’s Pomade was established in Los Angeles, California in 2017 with a focus on keeping products made locally. Through friendship and passion we have developed a brand that was designed by creatives and approved by barbers.

As mentioned, our brand is built around the concept of preserving quality for long-lasting use. These tightly assembled products consist of our styling products such as our Matte Pomade and Sculpting Clay for that messy or clean-cut look. Sea Salt Spray, to pay homage to our Coast line beaches for that off the beach style. Texture Powder for that easy and out the door finish. Finally, we formulate our own Home Decor products such as Room Spray and Candles allowing more than just hair products but a lifestyle. Our customers appreciate looking good from the way they dress to their morning routine and tends to dress in streetwear with some high end items encouraged by mainstream fashion. Modern, clean with a slight amount of grunge is the best way to put us!

While the grooming industry is becoming more saturated by the day, Mason’s Pomade distinguishes itself with truly unique grooming products meticulously formulated for a diverse range of hairstyles. Inspired by the Mason Jar and the concept of preserved quality, our originality delivers true authenticity to capture the creative lifestyle our audience endures.