Steve Gonzalez

Steve Gonzalez started his barber career like most great barbers at home with a target eagle trimmer. His first client before he went to barber school and before he knew he had skills was Steve's older brother Paul Gonzalez. Steve said, "Paul let me practice on him for many years in junior high then high school. Soon all his friends from school were coming to his house for cuts." Later on, when Steve graduated from school barber school, he worked in the south bay at a local barbershop. He was later on recruited by one of the biggest companies who employs barbers. The Art of Shaving in Century City who’s owned by P&G where he worked there for one year and was quickly promoted as the company’s barber trainer. After 9 years with the company, he joined one of his good friends, Pedro who’s a top-notch celebrity barber for Robert Downey Jr., Bruce Willis, and Rob Kardashian and many more. They looked around everywhere and finally found a corner location on the corner of Warnall St. and Santa Monica. "We plan to make Shave and Co. Barbershop your home! We always want the best for our clients. The best customer service to go along with our haircut, shaves and beard trims. In a fun cool space in Los Angeles."

Shave & Co. Barbershop: 10283 Santa Monica Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90067
Hours: Mon-Fri, 10am-7pm | Sat, 9am-5pm | Sun, Closed


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